Why Getting Twitter Verified Matters to Your Company

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Getting Twitter verified is a status symbol for those who use the platform to gain influence in social media. Whether it is a personal account, or a business, influence is key. Most of Twitters verified users were celebrities and other personalities recognized by Twitter to be influential. It could be the number of followers, or their activity. This establishes them as certified. 

For a business, it is important to establish consistency and brand in the Twitterverse. Twitter has made getting Twitter verified easier. Businesses that want to establish their brand and influence should get verified.


In a prepared statement, Twitter has said that it is their hope that by getting Twitter verified, their users will find great, high-quality accounts. For businesses, this mean connecting with a broader audience. What does the white checkmark mean? Businesses can set themselves apart by being the official voice of the company.

For Twitter users, it makes it easier to trust an account because of that white checkmark. They can know that your company is the real deal and not a fake looking to discredit or provide the wrong information.

Getting Twitter verified Trust

Getting Twitter verified means you can be trusted | PC: Pablo


In July, Twitter announced that you can now get yourself and your company verified using these easy steps:

  1. Go to your Twitter Account Settings. Verify your information like phone number or email address and your profile photos. Make sure your message settings are set to public, not private.
  2. Make sure your username reflects your company. For example, if the company’s name is “Tractus Online,” make sure that that is reflected on your handle.
  3. Request to Verify Your Account. This is where you provide information about why your company should be verified. Get examples ready of any new articles that mention your company’s relevance and impact in your industry. Have two URLs ready for verification and some IDs for further verification.

After you have filled out the verification, Twitter will get back to you via email. If you get rejected, you can re-apply after 30 days.

Twitter is more than just for memes and rants. It can be a very powerful tool in getting your message across to all your customers- current and potential. Having a functioning and accessible Twitter account allows for better conversation to happen between you and your clients. Tractus Online can help you optimize all of your social media accounts to help place you as an influencer in your space. Contact us to learn more about the changes in Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms you are in.

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