Should I Get an Inbound Marketing Certification?

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Inbound Marketing Certification is certificate offered by several companies most notably Hubspot and MOZ. The certification includes lessons on how to attract leads, convert, close, and ultimately delight your customers. With organic web traffic as a desire of many companies, marketing teams have focused on blogs and content that really speaks to their audience. If you’re a good writer, engaging the audience with your words just might do the trick. But customers today want more than an appealing and catchy phrase, they want to know that they are more than just a number reported at the end of the day. Winning your customers over is the sole purpose of inbound marketing.

Show off the Inbound Marketing Certification

Marketing agency Weidert Group wrote about the Top 10 Benefits of Being Inbound Marketing Certified.¬†They saw that in order to deliver the best service to their clients, everyone that was in any way involved needed to get certified. Using Hubspot’s Inbound Marketing Certification course, they found some of these to greatly benefit their company.

Benefits of Being Inbound Marketing Certified

  1. Bragging rights that you’re certified
  2. Leverage for your next job, or your current one
  3. Cool wall ornament
  4. Proof that you know how to deliver

While some of the reasons they put down are silly, number 10 sums up exactly why having a certification is important. You can have actual proof that what you know and what you do are up to snuff with the industry standard.

get inbound marketing certification

An inbound marketing certification can have many benefits for your business.

Where to Start

If you are going to be handling your inbound marketing strategies, go and sign up for the free course through Hubspot Academy. The courses are not too intense and the pacing is all up to you. This will allow for you to know when you should have contact with your clients, how that contact should be, and the end goal- to retain their business.

After you are done with the course, Tractus Online can help you strategize and implement your plans to engage your customers and use your product. We have the SEO know-how and the years and experience to back up our stellar service. Now, the ball is in your court.

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