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What The Future Holds for SEO

Ekaterina Lepikhina Marketing

SEO is an evolving technique that is constantly increasing the way search engines are ranked on the internet. In digital marketing, it is critical to be consistent and up-to-date with the trends in SEO. Use these three ways to better prioritize your SEO strategies:

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Progressive Web Apps

PWAs are a way for users to experience web capabilities that deliver an app-like experience. They display features people would expect to see in a regular app, but can still secure content and information from a mobile device. According to In’saneLab, progressive web applications bring the best competitive mobile sites to native applications due to quicker loading, the capability to add a page to your home screen, push notifications, better HTTPS security, and enhanced responsiveness. Users want convenience and PWAs offer a user-friendly interface across all platforms and devices.

Mobile-first Technology

Traffic is just as busy on a mobile device like it on a desktop. Be aware of keywords and phrases that users will be searching for from their mobile device. Performing keyword research for mobile devices will give you a better understanding of why it is important to ensure the content is mobile-friendly. Secondly, review all posted content and make sure it is convenient to read. Make sure to scale it to the correct screen size for the user to read from their mobile device.

Machine Learning (ML)

Marketing experts learn to trust their own judgment when searching for keywords and finding the right content to improve site rankings. Machine learning is a high-functioning AI expert that is trained to spot any patterns as a human can. The use of machine learning can help SEO experts by avoiding more mistakes and verifying judgment, quantifying the ranking benefits of an SEO solution, and build business cases for management. In short, any way to make content more searchable is a huge benefit to SEO techniques.

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Be aware of what is the most valuable to your business, because it will help improve your SEO and keep your business updated with the current in-demand trends. Discover more facts about PWA, machine learning, and mobile-first techniques to be more familiar with the industry of SEO. To learn more about our SEO strategies and techniques that will keep your business on track, read here.