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Five Big Reasons Why WordPress Websites Work

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WordPress websites work for businesses that want control over the content they publish to their consumers. With the ease that plugins provide, businesses do not need an expensive developer to maintain their site, saving them money.

If that is not reason enough, here are five more reasons to ditch your old site and upgrade to WordPress.

Community Support

community makes wordpress websites work

WordPress has one of the most detailed online community forums on the internet. Any questions you have about WordPress, it has the answer. If not, you can easily ask your question and the community of WordPress developers and users will answer them for you.

There’s no need to pay someone to find the answers for you when they can be found in the forums, or even Google.

Ease of Use

The WordPress Content Management System (CMS) has done a stellar job of ensuring that your WP experience is as seamless as possible. The user-friendly CMS makes adding content easy and it provides a text editor that you can use.

mobile options make wordpress websites work

The WP updates makes all of its features work smoothly and efficiently. You can see this done especially on the mobile app for on-the-go posts.


Choose from thousands of themes and designs for you page. Find a template the speaks out to you and the vision of you company and use it. Plugins make it so easy to add features to help engage your customers to your site.

Social sharing buttons to drive traffic to your site should be one of your favorites!

WordPress Websites Work with SEO

The whole reason for your site should be SEO. To help you rank on search pages, an optimized WP site is key. Google loves WP as its design makes it easy for their bots to scrape the page and get them the ranking they deserve.

wordpress website work because of google

Google said it themselves that WP handles up to 90% of the SEO work needed for your site. With plugins, like Yoast, your site is on the way to the top of that search results page.

A Myriad of Options

With all the different reasons for using WP, having many different options for your company is simply one of the best reasons why WordPress websites work. No matter what your goals are or your budget, you are sure to find something that works for your business.

WordPress website work because they allow you to design, install, host, and customize an SEO-friendly version of your site for little money and short setup times.

Tractus Online knows that it is important for its clients to have a voice in how they use their site and how it is managed. WordPress gives businesses that freeform without the extra cost of hiring a developer that is the sole gatekeeper of the site. To learn more about how WordPress websites work for you, contact us for a consultation.

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