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Facebook Updates You Need to Know About

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Throughout the past several years Facebook has found itself under scrutiny. With questions about transparency, privacy, censorship, and other concerns, it should be no surprise that Facebook has been updating its site regularly since the new year began. Some of these changes affect all users generally, while others are more focused on marketing, and page-runners.

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Group and Page Management Tools

Among the new tools and features are notifying users when they violate rules in posts semi-anonymously, promotion of the mentorship in groups, new guidelines for adding users, and other helpful things. For someone who runs a page for a business, for marketing, or networking will find these new tools helpful. Many of the complaints page-runners have filed are actively being addressed with these updates.

Universal DM Inbox

As most people know, Facebook also owns Instagram. The connection between the two networks is getting tighter. With the new update direct messages received through Instagram, as well as Facebook can both be answered from your Facebook inbox. While this does not negate the need to remain active on both sites, it does simplify replying to urgent messages across platforms.

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Brand Safety Certification

Brands that have established partnerships with Facebook now can become certified. This marks them with a seal of Facebooks approval. This will improve onsite safety, and allow users to easily recognize marketers Facebook trusts. This will help both businesses and users in establishing a comfortable relationship with marketing, and responding to marketing efforts via Facebook.

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With the constantly shifting online environment, new updates, and improved platforms, it is important to be in the know. Contact us today to begin forming a plan to update and improve your online presence. Whether it be website management, creation of a new application, online marketing, or some other related need, we’ve got you covered. 

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