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Facebook to Join Other Popular Social Media Marketing Dating Services

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You read it correctly, social media marketing platform Facebook is preparing to launch their dating service that is rumored to rival popular apps like Tinder and Bumble. Facebook initially only allowed you to mark yourself as single, in a relationship or married, but the 2 million users that are marked as single on the app will now have the option to match with one another.

Changes in the social media marketing world

How it Will Work

Much like social media marketing dating app Tinder, Facebook will allow its users to create a dating profile that will only be visible to those outside the user’s friend network. This will allow people to discover other like-minded people that they are not already connected with. Dating profiles also won’t show up on the news feed, so the chances of your grandma seeing it are slim.

It’s a Match!

Facebook will take multiple things into account when matching one user with another, including mutual friends and preferences. Founder Mark Zuckerberg is putting his full faith in this service, stating that it will be for “building real, long-term relationships- not just for hookups.”

Facebook May Wipe Out Other Social Media Marketing Dating Apps

So what does this mean for popular online dating services like Tinder and Well, if Match Group’s shares dropping 17% after Facebook’s big announcement is any indication, we think the future may not be so bright for Facebook’s competition. Because Zuckerberg seems so certain about this new feature’s success, and because there are so many single people already on Facebook, this feature may take off.

Dating services are about to be offered on social media marketing platform Facebook

Facebook is constantly trying to find ways to remain relevant and outsmart their competition. Many times they implement features launched by their competitors, and they perfect them. If you want to learn more about the latest in social media marketing trends, click here. If you want to speak to our team of professionals about a social media marketing management plan for your business, click here.

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