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Facebook Changes Up Online Reputation

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Facebook is a major platform when it comes to online reputation for businesses. Up until now, people were able to leave a review using a 5 star rating scale for restaurants, hotels, retail stores and other various businesses. The social media marketing platform has done away with this rating scale, and is shifting focus towards recommendations.

How online reviews on Facebook work

What This Means for Facebook

Instead of leaving a star rating with your review, users can now either recommend or not recommend a business. The platform still allows for users to voice their opinions by writing a review, but they have done away with the rating scale. The platform is still giving businesses an overall score using a five point system, the rating is just decided by averaging out recommendations vs. non-recommendations.

What Will Happen to Old Reviews

Reviews placed before the implementation of recommendations will still exist, and will still factor into your overall rating score. Users will be able to see past reviews with the star rating included, and each rating will factor into the overall formula that decides your five-point score. Facebook has basically done away with the gray area of three-star reviews by implementing this more straight-forward method of rating.

What This Means For Other Reputation Channels

Facebook simplified their reputation system in hopes to become to go-to place for those seeking word of mouth recommendations. Because Facebook has married social media with online reputation, they hope to drown out their competitors like Google, Yelp or TripAdvisor which are stand alone reputation platforms. This is the social media marketing platform’s solution to a decline in user reviews.

Reputation management on Facebook

Businesses with a Facebook page should be aware of the new rating system as it will change how users share their encounter they had with your business. It is still important to engage with reviews, especially in order to keep your response rate up. If you want to learn more about reputation management, click here. To see what we can do in terms of developing an online reputation strategy for you, click here

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