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Event Marketing Tactics That You Should Consider

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Event marketing is becoming a popular marketing strategy as the success of an event provides instant gratification in terms of turnout and attendee enjoyment. Events are a great way to ensure your message is being retained by a receptive audience. Below are a few event tactics you should consider when executing your campaign.

tips for executing event marketing campaigns

Make Event Marketing An Experience

You have a venue, you have a full bar, what’s next? Don’t provide your guests with the same old song and dance in terms of an event, but give your event that extra emphasis to make it memorable in order to make your marketing campaign a success. Hire on-site activations that will reside with your audience and keep them buzzing after the event. Chances are, your guests will remember that champagne fountain or branded ice sculpture that you had to fork out a little extra cash for.

Go Live

Live streaming your event is always a good idea. Tools such as Facebook live are what allow social media marketing and event marketing to collide. By showcasing the success of your event to all of your followers, not only will you get great brand recognition, but those followers are going to be on the lookout for your next event. Facebook Live is also a great tool as it notifies followers once you have gone live, prompting them to click on and watch your stream.

Get Some Insight

If your business relies on events and throws them often, dig deeper and gain some insight on how your guests felt about the event to ensure your events are living up to their full potential. Simply obtaining your guests e-mails during the RSVP process and following up with them afterwards will help you better understand what needs to be changed for the future. Sometimes a simple, few question survey can go a long way in terms of analyzing where you are at, and what direction you should be going.

Event marketing is not only a popular way to get your message across, but it is also an effective way to do so. Want to know what we can do for you in terms of creating a marketing strategy? Click here. Click here to learn about how you can boost your marketing knowledge even further! 

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