Entry Level Developer Skills Your Business Needs

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What entry level developer skills are most important when meeting with a potential hire? There are many talented web developers out there looking for companies to work with and plenty of company that need developers to finish client work. While the talent is certainly there, how a programmer presents himself can definitely set him apart from all other applicants.

If you are looking for someone that will stand out and do the work, here are three skills to look for that set other developers from the rest.

A Diverse Portfolio

All candidates should have a well developed portfolio. From open source to commissioned projects, a good entry developer skills show when they are able to curate the projects they show off on their portfolio. A good portfolio should include:

  • a description of the developer and his skills
  • examples that showcases his work
  • references
  • personality

Some research on your part may be needed as some programmers’ work cannot be divulged due to certain agreements with clients. This is where your interviewing skills come in to play to find out more about the candidate.

Look for opportunities to see what entry level developer skills your applicant has!

Look for opportunities to see what entry level developer skills your applicant has!

Entry Level Developer Skills Include Communicating

Communication between teams is very important. One of the entry level developer skills to look for is communication. You want a developer that will respond in a timely and professional manner. Someone that is familiar with different communication tools like Slack, HipChat, or IRC.

A good developer will be open to letting you know where they are in a project and good at checking in with the team.

No “I” in Team

While development can be a single person task, projects usually are run in teams that involve different departments. Hiring a developer include looking at how they interact with the rest of team. Oftentimes, developers come in with their own set of rules on how they work. They could have a process that they have refined and must learn to integrate into your own teams’ process.

The right developer for your team will be someone that can get together with your teams process.

The right developer for your team will have excellent communication skills to ensure you always have a clear overall view of the project. They’ll have an diverse portfolio that can explain what they have done in the past. They will also make you feel comfortable knowing that they mesh well with your current team and will get the work done. Here at Tractus Online, we make sure that our developers and clients see each other eye to eye and understand the whole scope of a project. Let us know how we can fulfill your needs.


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