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Entrepreneurs Holiday Guide for Those Working From Home

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Entrepreneurs Holiday Guide is aimed at those who are in their first year of entrepreneurship. You can also look at this guide if you are a freelancer, or new at this whole work from home gig. Since many entrepreneurs take the holidays to sharpen their skills for the coming you and spend quality time with the family, It is important to adhere to a set of rules to make sure that you aren’t taking too much work home.


Tell Your Clients Your Plans

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It is expected during this time of the year for people to go on vacation. For you, make sure that you tell your clients when and how long you are taking that time off. They also want to make sure that their business will run smoothly, so giving them this time frame helps.

Whether you are an entrepreneur or a freelancer, it is nice to let the people you work with your schedule to coordinate plans. You can also automate your work so that your clients will feel comfortable that things will run when you are gone.

Set Up Expectations

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Let’s be honest. Work will creep up to you. It is better to just embrace it. Rather that tell yourself that you are not going to work, set aside time for work. Let yourself and your family know that you will take breaks to catch up. You can be present with the family when you are needed the most and take 10-15 minute breaks to answer emails and check that all your queues are working.

Rather than beating yourself up for working, use the time to really hone in on the important aspects of work.

Big Pictures

Entrepreneur holiday guide featured

It’s the end of the year. It is also the perfect time to reflect on how you did and what you plan to do better in the coming year. Does your branding need help? Is social media lacking? Plan out the bigger picture items on your downtime and consult with those you trust about your next move.

Entrepreneur Holiday Guide = Balance

Everything that we have talked about so far screams “BALANCE.” Are you overworked? Is your family missing you? What is most important to you? Use this time to find out and give yourself some R and R to help maintain the balance in your life.


The end of the year is a great time to gain insights and plan the future. It is important for entrepreneurs to know that having that balance is what will keep them success as they navigate the market. Tractus Online will continue to support you in all your endeavours and are here to give you advice on what will help you achieve your big picture items. Have a great holiday season!

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