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Entrepreneur Podcasts to Start Listening to Before 2016 Ends

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Entrepreneur podcasts are a dime a dozen. They are all over Stitcher Radio, iTunes, and everywhere you can think of to look. Podcasts help train its audience to become and do better and what they want. The whole startup ecosystem is fueled by the passion of those carrying the entrepreneurial spirit. Podcast help spread that spirit and allow its listeners to follow suit.

If you are not actively listening to podcasts, now is a great time to get started. We recommended these five awesome podcast for you, the entrepreneur.

Entrepreneur Podcasts Stitcher

EntreLeadership, the Amalgamation of Two Greats

Let’s start with the easy transition from books to podcast. EntreLeadership helps with that transition. Big names like Dave Ramsey, Tim Feriss, and Gary Vaynerchuck all lend a hand in getting this podcast to being a must subscribed podcast. This podcast provides bonus content to get you to apply the subjects talked about in each episode.

Entrepreneur Podcasts from the School of Greatness

From sports to business, Lewis Howes turns your head around to get some great life lessons. His stories are so compelling and motivational that you will want to improve yourself! His topics include improving self-efficacy, living your ideal life, and building your relationships.

There’s something about having a sports professional giving you business advice that’ super compelling. Sport analogies are synonymous to entrepreneurship, right?

Entrepreneur Podcasts Featured

Startup Podcast. Makes Sense

You don’t last in the podcast world for 4 seasons for nothing. When your name is Startup Podcast, you kind of have to, right? How this podcast works is very cool. Alex Blumberg follows a startup and discusses the important things- work-life balance, pitching to investors, crowdfunding, and making money.

With this podcast, you can learn from real companies and see ideas implemented rather than just talked about. That’s what sets the actual entrepreneurs from the by the by thinkers.

These are just a few to start researching and listening. Try these out for size and find what suits you. The entrepreneur is inside, it just needs the right kind of jolt and motivation to keep it going. Tractus Online can be a great resource for you and your venture whether those needs are in website development or marketing strategies, there is something we can that we can give you advice on. Just hit us up!


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