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Engaging Customers By “Going Live” On Social Media

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The way that we interact with social media seems to change almost daily. With new features, content trends, and emerging technologies, always on the move, keeping up to date is essential. One of the most popular means of engaging with followers on social media today is “going live.”

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1. What is Going Live?

Both Instagram and Facebook offer users the ability to broadcast live videos to all, or selected segments, of their followers. These videos typically feature a “talking head,” style self-shot view of one or more individuals, although many other types of content are generated as well. Aside from staying within the terms and conditions of the particular site the live video is being shared on, there are no rules to going live. Simply press the button, point the camera, and you’re off and running. Afterward, unless the person who posted the live feed removes it, the live video will become like any other video on their page, available for others to view.

2. How Can it Be Used for Business?

Business owners can utilize going live to interact with their customers directly. The video allows the person who is going live to receive comments from viewers as they watch. There is real-time feedback, questions, and comments throughout the length of the video. Perhaps you have a new employee to introduce, going live is a great way to do it. Maybe you have an announcement you want to put out on multiple fronts, going live offers a unique and effective option. Consider the various possibilities of going live in today’s online environment, and you’ll see it’s well worth your time and effort.

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3. What Unique Benefits Come With Going Live?

Customers and prospective customers can interact with a live video directly, and get immediate replies to inquiries. Imagine a curious customer hoping to find out some information about your business. Live Q&A sessions on Facebook or Instagram provide a “town hall” style forum for anyone to ask about anything they want to know, and get the answers right away. By using this tool, you can take the pulse of your online customers directly, and see how they are responding (in real time) to your branding and marketing efforts.

The increasing popularity and engagement with going live represent an opportunity. Most businesses would benefit from this kind of direct and lively engagement with customers. Online marketing generally provides such opportunities through various modes. If you aren’t taking advantage of this or other options, you aren’t getting the most out of your online efforts. We can help you in this and many other areas. Reach out today to find out how! 

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