Tips for an effective email marketing strategy

Email Marketing Trends to Look Out For

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Email marketing is nothing new, but there are always new and effective tactics that are emerging that big brands are taking advantage of. Even if your audience is receptive to your emails and your strategy seems to be working, there are always ways to improve your techniques. Below are a few trends you should consider in your messaging.

An email marketing strategy to consider for your brand

Incorporating Social

Whether you’re urging the receiver to share your message on social, or simply including icons that link to your social media platforms, social is something that should always be included in your email marketing strategy. A good call to action would be to have the recipient follow you for future promotions or deals, or to have that person utilize a hashtag associated with the messaging that you’re trying to get across. Incorporating social media is an important aspect of digital marketing.


People receive a multitude of emails on a daily basis, and most of those messages get deleted or sent to spam. By personalizing your email marketing campaigns, you will improve your click through rates by 15%. This could include simply addressing the message to the recipients first name, which will make them feel more inclined to open the message as it is addressed directly to them.

Less Is More in Email Marketing

Let’s be honest, if your messaging is too frequent, the recipient will feel inclined to unsubscribe due to the amount of emails they receive in their inbox on a daily basis. Consolidating your message into a single weekly, or even monthly email is always a good idea to avoid having people opt out of your emails. 67% of consumers unsubscribe from a brand’s email list due to the frequency of their messaging being excessive.

Inspiration for your upcoming email marketing campaigns

Although email marketing is nothing new, the trends are constantly changing with the digital shift among businesses. If you want to learn about the different types of email marketing, click here. If you want to learn about what we can do for your business in terms of implementing an effective email strategy, click here.

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