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4 Email Marketing Tips to Revive Your Campaigns

Ekaterina Lepikhina Business, Marketing

Email marketing is one of the best ways to generate leads to gain customers. The advent of social media marketing has turned into a war for the most likes and most viral videos. The average tweet has a lifespan of 18 minutes. A little bit longer if it is retweeted, but something newer and better is set to replace that tweet sooner or later. Emails are here to stay. It’s the storage for so many things and that is why you should be beefing use your database with emails.

Here are five tips to increase your email database that can lead to conversion heaven.


An effective website will do its job by ensuring there is always interesting content for the user to go and explore. Use this to your advantage by catching their emails using promotional items like free product downloads, contest and giveaways, or rewards programs. Users love to know that their opinion matters. Ensure the feedback forms catch their emails and use that to connect with the customer by thanking them for what they are doing.

When the users are engaged, they are more than likely keep coming back and are more open to hearing back from your brand.


Nothing says you know your audience more than a well-thought out email. Before sending out an email, test if the email is something the user would want to see. Is the design appealing? Will the subject line catch their eye? How are you talking to them? Test out the email with your employees and get feedback on how to best communicate that you want their business.

User subscribes to email marketing

Build a genuine relationship with your customers through email marketing.

Services like MailChimp, SendGrid, and Hubspot allow you to send test emails out for that purpose alone. Be mindful that users that open their emails on their mobile devices will have a different experience compared to opening them on a desktop. Check for click and open rates. Track their conversions for future campaigns and ALWAYS check your spelling!


Sometimes, it is nice to see that an email gives much needed advice. Allow the users to get to know the company by sending links to the company blog that show off its participation in the community. Users like to know that there is a person behind the company and not just someone that takes their money.

Nurture your relationship with the user by sending them relevant items and not just promotional offers. Transparency is the new keyword and making it a part of your brand helps.


Email at the best time

Users look at their bulk email after work, according to Experian.

When do you usually open your emails? If your user works during the day, sending them an email that they cannot read may not bring you the best return. According to Experian, most emails are opened in the evening between 8 P.M. and midnight when users are done with work. Your strategy will depend on your bandwidth and resources that is available to you.

If you are looking to create the email marketing campaign that suits your needs, contact us at Tractus and we will come together to make the most of your now robust email list.

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