3 email marketing trends to consider for your business

Email Marketing Tips and Trends

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Email marketing changes drastically year over year based on current trends. Outreach as the way we once knew it is now no longer due to the evolution of technology and the availability of new features implemented by marketing companies like Constant Contact and MailChimp. Below we discuss the ways that messaging is changing the scope of the way companies communicate with their audience.

Email marketing techniques to drive business


Email marketing is becoming more interactive as we know it. Businesses are engaging with their audience more than ever via email, and they don’t have to click elsewhere to be engaged. Features now allow users to shop within the inbox without having to even visit an e-commerce shop. The quicker you can get your recipient to perform an action, such as to shop, the quicker you’ll be able to get your desired result.

Mobile Friendly

Being that the majority of emails are now checked on the go, companies are optimizing their messages to mobile. By making your email marketing campaigns are mobile friendly, you’ll be appealing to the masses, especially those that check messaging while on the go. Consider building a campaign that is both desktop and mobile friendly, so that you can avoid clunkiness and confusion. Sending yourself a test message and opening it on both your desktop and mobile is an easy way to ensure it will display well on both devices.

Personalization and Email Marketing

30% of marketers say that personalization is most likely to impact their email strategy in the near future. Methods of personalization have become advanced with the development of technology. Not only are companies able to address recipients by name, but they’re able to optimize sends based on open rates to ensure the recipient will receive the message. Personalization and email are only going to seamlessly blend in the near future.

Email marketing tips to generate revenue

Email marketing is constantly evolving, and it’s important for businesses to keep up with the trends in order to ensure their message is received. Want to learn more about email? Click here. To chat with us about forming an email strategy that will be beneficial for your business, click here

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