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Does Email Marketing Still Work?

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Many think email marketing is a thing of the past, but this just isn’t true. In fact, a recent survey has revealed that 83% of business-to-business marketers still utilize emails to communicate with their audience. Below are just a few ways you can ensure your e-blasts will be effective and not sent to junk mail.

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Personalization Is Key In Email Marketing

Custom tailoring your e-marketing campaign has been proven to increase response rates and engagement among your audience. Simply addressing your message to each member of your audience by including their first name gives that extra sense of personalization. By including the first name of the receiver of your message, you are taking that extra necessary step to make your audience feel important.

Side Columns

Use the side columns of your e-mail sparingly, as you don’t want to oversaturate your content by including too much text or an overload of offers. Including relevant links or graphics in the side columns of your message will only make your email marketing campaigns that much more effective. The side columns are a great way to break up your text by including things such as images that go hand-in-hand with your core message.

Optimal Sending Times

When creating an email marketing strategy, sending times should be one of the main things you should consider. When will your audience be most receptive to your message? Perhaps you’re  a restaurant trying to promote the launch of a new menu. Sending your campaign during the work week lunch period when everyone is on their phones, and most likely hungry, is probably a good idea. You also don’t want to overload your audience with messages, so send emails sparingly (perhaps once a month) to avoid getting sent to junk.

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Email marketing is still a very effective way for businesses to reach their audience. Click here to see what we can do in terms of creating an e-marketing campaign for your business, and click here to read more about why this form of marketing is still very much effective. 

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