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3 eCommerce Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make

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The world of eCommerce becomes more accessible every day. Barriers to entry are lower than ever, and entrepreneurs are taking notice and taking advantage. Unfortunately, the low cost and risk for starting to sell online also means that the potential for simple mistakes that can initially go unnoticed is high. Read up below on some of those mistakes so you can correct or avoid them.

ecommerce mistakes to avoid

1. Bad Website

Conventional wisdom states that if your product or service is good, you can’t fail. In the age of digital marketing and eCommerce that maxim, unfortunately, does not always hold true. If your main source of customers or clients is your digital presence, then quality, practicality, aesthetics, and comfort are all essential to the client experience. If your site is thrown together from a template you found, or using a site builder that is less than reputable, you may save money in initial start up cost, but you’ll lose money in the long run from customers unable or unwilling to use your uninspiring website.

2. Too Much or Too Little Detail

While information is power, and you certainly want your customers to feel powerful, don’t throw too much at them at once. A block of text that takes up half the screen or more in a product description, mission statement, or other important writing on your website or store can be intimidating and may push away potential customers and clients. By the same token, you shouldn’t say too little either. Not giving enough information is as bad as giving too much information. Find the middle ground between the two: never say in a paragraph what you can say in a sentence, but never say in a word what requires a sentence to be understood.

3. Neglecting Content

Many digital companies believe that the nature of their business does not require content creation to drive their customer base. “Our customers wouldn’t read our blog about yard tools,” one client might reason. The fact is, every digitally active brand should be putting out fresh, relevant content. Such content drives SEO traffic in conjunction with other direct marketing efforts. Search rating is essential if you hope to have regular and active traffic to your business. No business should neglect content creation, regardless of the product or service offered.

online store marketing mistakes

No matter where you’re at in your eCommerce journey, we can help. Whether you’re afraid of making mistakes as you get started, hope to correct mistakes already made, or simply wish to take your digital efforts to the next level, we have the experience and ability to give you what you need. Contact us today for a free consultation. Partner with us, and we will take the next step for your business together.

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