3 e-commerce trends that you should consider implementing

E-commerce Marketing Tips and Trends for Businesses

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Everyone shops online now-a-days, as there are many options when it comes to online vendors, plus shipping options are ridiculously fast. E-commerce marketing is changing, and we have created a guide to keep you up to speed with the current happenings. Consider the below tips and trends in the online shopping world that will help increase traffic and sales for your business.

3 e-commerce tips for small businesses

Facebook Shop

E-commerce marketing is evolving into social media as Facebook now allows businesses to upload items to their Facebook shop feature. You can now upload images and descriptions of products, and directly link them to your website for simple checkout. The best part about this feature is if your Instagram business account is connected to your Facebook page, you can tag your products in your photos making it simple for your followers to purchase.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Many businesses are implementing emails into their e-commerce marketing strategies as they have proven to be effective. People love receiving discounts and/or special offers in the form of an email, and if you have a catchy subject line and an attractive layout, your open rates will begin to soar. An email strategy is a cost effective way to directly increase sales for any given business.

E-commerce Marketing in Foreign Languages

If you’re selling products and services online, it’s important to offer your visitors a translator feature when they visit your online store. If your business takes off, you want to make sure you’re taking advantage of potential international sales, so implementing a translator feature into your current online strategy is important. Many platforms such as WordPress provide a translator setting that you can easily add to your website, making your online store appeal to everyone.

e-commerce strategies that every business should consider

E-commerce marketing is evolving, and there are many tips and strategies that businesses can follow to help drive traffic and increase revenue. Want to read more about e-commerce? Click here. If you want to learn about what we can do for your commerce store, contact us. 

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