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E-commerce Platforms: An Introduction to 3 Leaders

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E-commerce platforms like Shopify, BigCommerce, and Volusion help businesses with their setup. Small retailers and startups enjoy a bevy of perks that make life, just a little bit easier. Cut the hours you’ll spend playing around with them as we give you the details you need to know.

Shopify, simple e-commerce platforms choice

Shopify offers a variety of themes with 24/7 support. It has all that you need to have a nifty online store and according to the video above, easy to set up. It is popular among WordPress site owners and Facebook stores.

A great feature that Shopify users like is the payment system. This allows for you to do get everything done on the dashboard rather than setting up Stripe or PayPal. Another great thing- no transaction fees.

BigCommerce, for the big business

BigCommerce has the most comprehensive set of tools among all the three. Many of these tools are included in their monthly services. Some of these include automatic XML sitemap generation, search friendly URLs, and integration newsletter service.

Check out the video to see how easy it is.

Volusion, the evolution

All the advanced tools to create, manage, market, and secure a successful online business can be found with Volusion. It integrates with Amazon and eBay, two of the biggest online stores out there. There’s something for both non-HTML and HTML aficionados to help them add their own flair.

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After playing around and using up all the free trials, you can make your own decision about which one works the best for your business. These three are the top in the business and you will not go wrong with choosing any of them. Tractus Online can help with that choice as we work with different companies figure out solutions that is right for them. Give us a ring anytime!

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