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Drama in The Social Media Marketing World

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Racism is a hot-button issue especially with the political turmoil of today. One would not expect this hot-button issue to pertain to social media marketing platforms, besides from those who post racist content, but in light of recent events, social media outlets are having to explain themselves and take action due to racism.

Social media marketing updates for Instagram and Snapchat


Popular animation sharing website Giphy was recently integrated as a feature for two different social media marketing platforms. Instagram integrated the feature in its Instagram stories, allowing its users to decorate their images and videos before posting them. Snapchat followed suit and integrated the feature late February. Both social media platforms have disabled the feature for one common reason.

Giphy and Racism

Both Instagram and Snapchat disabled the Giphy feature after their users complained about a gif containing “disturbing text” in the form of a racial slur. Both platforms did say that the disabling of the feature is temporary, at least until Giphy can ensure nothing like this will happen again. This event has made digital headlines and news is spreading at a viral rate on social media.

Social Media Marketing and Racism

There is zero tolerance of racism on social media, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. Especially for user generated content sites such as Giphy, it is out of the platform’s control what their users create and post, but it is also their duty to regulate it at the same time in order to keep it a safe place. Just recently, Facebook disabled ethnic identity as a targeting method for paid advertisers in order to avoid a racial controversy.

News in the social media marketing world

Social media marketing is intended to connect others, whether that be on a family, friend or business level. Racism of any kind is not tolerated, and social media platforms are doing all that they can to combat this. To read more about social media news, click here. To read about our online services including social media marketing management, click here.

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