3 digital marketing tips for business owners

3 Digital Marketing Tips For Small Business Owners

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With a shift into the digital age, businesses large and small are having to adapt to the digital changes going on in the world. By utilizing digital marketing tactics, small businesses are able to remain afloat among their stiff competition that is big business. Adhere to the following tips and you’ll be on the road to success as a small business owner!¬†

digital marketing tips for small business owners

Social Media Is Key In Digital Marketing

When talking digital, social is the number one tool that will help gain exposure for small businesses. Chances are, if you don’t have an online presence yet, you’re already behind. Social media should be a fun and engaging tool, where you post creative content that speaks to your demographic. A big mistake businesses seem to make with social media is being over promotional in terms of their content. Social is meant to be engaging and fun, not an in-your-face advertisement.

Engage With Reviews

Whether it be Google, Facebook or Yelp, responding and engaging with reviews is vital to the success of a business in the digital marketing world. If someone goes out of their way to leave you a positive review, you should always acknowledge and engage with the reviewer as a way to show gratitude. If someone leaves a negative review, you should always respond professionally and politely in efforts to try and amend the situation. If bad reviews are left and there is no response by management, viewers are going to assume you don’t care to fix the issue at hand. Reviewer oriented platforms such as Yelp and TripAdvisor are ¬†considered to be social media tools, and they should be managed accordingly.

Digital Advertising

Chances are, that millennial that comes in every week to buy coffee from your coffeeshop did not learn about your business by seeing your ad in the daily newspaper. Consider digital advertising methods to reach your specific demographic such as paid social media and website banner ads. For the emerging technology savvy generations, this will be the best way to target them as they spend most of their time online. The harsh reality is that print advertising is dying, and businesses need to begin advertising digitally in efforts to stay afloat.

Digital marketing is an important aspect of business in terms of staying relevant in the modern day. You should consider implementing these tactics in your marketing plan in efforts to grow your business beyond its current state. Click here to read about different types of digital marketing classes you can enroll in to further your knowledge. Want to know what we can do in terms of building your business digitally? Contact us and one of our knowledgable specialists will be able to give you more insight.  

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