Why email marketing is important in driving business

Different Types of Email Marketing

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Everyone knows what email marketing is; it’s the messaging you receive from businesses you’ve purchased from, services that you use and websites that you’ve subscribed to. There are many different categories in which these types of emails fall under. Below we explore a few different types of messaging that businesses use to engage with their audiences.
3 email marketing strategies you need to consider

Product Updates

Many companies will send routine product digests to ensure their users are up to date with all of the features their product has to offer. Whether you’re a social media platform, a video streaming website or an e-commerce shop, product updates are an important part of email marketing to ensure your users know how to get the most out of your product.

Event Invite

Many businesses will use email marketing as a method of inviting their subscribers to an event. This is an easy way to garner RSVPs by simply providing a button to do so as a call to action. You’ll be able to do things like send out confirmation and reminder emails once you get the receiver to RSVP to your big event.

Welcome Email Marketing

When someone subscribes to your website or purchases a product or service, it’s important to send them a welcome email not only as a kind gesture, but to give the user an overview of the features they have available to them. Explaining how everything works and showing the value of your product is a good way to get the user excited about their recent purchase decision.

3 different types of email marketing

There are many ways to participate in email marketing, and the above are just a few key strategies to consider when selling a product or service. If you want to learn more about email, click here. If you want to know what we can do in terms of creating an outreach strategy for your business, click here.

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