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Your Customer Relationship Management System 101

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Many companies are turning to Customer Relationship management systems, or CRMs, to help their teams to engage customers and nurture leads as they come in. CRMs do exactly what it says, it manages your relationship with your customers and keeps track of any interaction that you have had with them. By doing so, your sales team knows where in the conversation the last contact left off and the next person can pick up the pieces so to speak. Just as you would want your developers to document their work, so should your sales and marketing team.

Benefits of Customer Relationship Management

The CRM software that you use can help your company grow exponentially. By harnessing the power of personal contacts and genuine relationships, you’ll have a leg up against the competition. CRMs also gets rid of monotonous data entries as information is sync across the company database. Here are some other great benefits of using a CRM.

  1. See an increase in sales leads – Using a CRM can help you find the leads with the highest chance of conversion. This reduces the sales cycle and improve your win rate.
  2. A lot more efficient – Having a single data source that houses your customers, from inquiries to concerns, you can be more consistent in how you response to them.
  3. Make the right decisions – The information that you need is right in your fingertips. See insights from other account managers about the client and see where they are in the process and where they go on your site, or social media platforms.
  4. Secure data – Having all the information in one place means it is easier to manage data.
  5. Real time. Spot on decisions – Mobile CRM can have you working whether at the office or with the client.

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