Here are CRM tools for small businesses and why you need them

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One of the most important things that you can do as a business is to keep track of your customers’ habits. There are Customer Relations Management, or CRM tools for small businesses that help manage your interactions with customers and prospects. The goal is to improve and enhance the relationship between the company and its clients. When used correctly, CRM tools can effectively help us better understand our audience. They can help us see patterns, preferences and altogether improve the customer experience.

Here are four popular and (some) free CRM tools for small businesses to help you get to know your customers.


salesforce is a crm tool for small businesses

Salesforce is not often thought of as a CRM tool for small businesses but can work for you.

You’ve probably heard of this one the most. Salesforce is the most well-known CRM tool out there as many big businesses use its robust service to help close sales. It’s user friendly interface extends to those who don’t have programming skills. One of the biggest selling point for Salesforce is the integration with social media. This allows for you to really track what your audience wants and interact with them.

Salesforce offers a 30-day trial of its services and its CRM starts at only $25/month per user.


Plain and simple, but does everything that you need, Insightly helps with keeping track of customer interactions as well as setting milestones for customer and clients. Integrations with popular Google Apps like Google Drive, make it a favorite for those that use it. You can also connect it with your Dropbox, Quickbooks, and MailChimp accounts.

To help you get organized, Insightly’s project management feature is included in this already easy to use CRM tool. The free is enough to get you going, but to get the features you want, you may need to pay starting at $12/month per user.

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM brings sales, marketing and customer service functions together into one place for a low cost of $12/month per user. You can link your Zoho CRM account with social media like Facebook and LinkedIn and expand the way you interact with you customers. It also gives you the ability to create reports as well as import and export data to share with your team.

Even for free features, Zoho is able to help your small business get started so that you can get to know your customers.


hubspot as a crm tool for small businesses

What feature are you looking for in a CRM tool for small businesses?

Hubspot’s free CRM tool allows for you to have 1,000 contacts. For a CRM tool for small businesses, 1,000 is more than enough to keep track of your customers and the deals and milestones you set with them. While it lacks things like social integration on its free plan, it does come with an email integration and tracker that lets you know when your emails are being read.

Hubspot users are also immediately included in local user groups that the company hosts allowing you to meet other users and seek advice.

Here’s an extra one.

Streak Extension on GMail

If your business is really small, say one person, the Streak Extension may be something that you want to look into. Unlike the other CRM tools for small businesses, Streak integrates with your Gmail account and gets rid of having to have a separate tab for what you do. The ability to customize your email and create labels may be something native to Gmail, but Streak goes above and beyond that and still lets you know that you are using a CRM tool.

If you are still unsure if which CRM tools for small businesses work for you, it is safe to go on their sites and avail their free trial offers. Trying out different companies is a good way for you to learn how CRM works. It will also help you create a better experience for your customers and help retain them for the future. If you need ideas on how to better engage and get to know your audience, contact us at Tractus Online and we will be more than happy to help you out with your questions.

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