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Your Creative Online Videos Will Help You Win the Marketing Game

Ekaterina Lepikhina Business

It’s not too late in the game to join the video marketing game. There are many resources that help in producing creative online videos. Recently, Facebook included a stories feature and its Live! app is being used by many influencers to reach out to more of their followers.

There’s four key things to remember. As to any campaign, keeping close to tried and true practices can ensure the best outcome for you and your product. If these sound familiar, it is probably because we know that it works and there’s no reason to fix something that isn’t broken. You ready?

It Starts with a Plan

You can’t just wing things. Too many metrics depend on planned actionable actions, so make sure that you have a script. Nothing fancy, but bullet points that get you to a good narrative of your product, rather than a drawn out essay. Ask yourself, who am I targeting on this video? What is the tone that I want to present? You can get the idea of what your video needs to have here.

Creative Online Videos Don’t Require Fancy Work

Because you will be creating something that people can see, make sure that you are presentable. Your video doesn’t need to be the next Michael Bay blockbuster, but it needs to speak to its audience and draw out the kind of emotions that will trigger your product.

No fireworks necessary, or high production values, but make sure that you can show the video to your mom.

Always Shoot in RAW

Sometimes, the unplanned shots work out the best post-production. People like the approachable and natural look that Snapchat and other platforms have. Have B-roll on hand, just in case you need some filler and shoot RAW files that, even though they are bigger files, give you a lot more options when you edit.

Optimize Video for Search

A rule of thumb- always upload on YouTube. Since Google owns YouTube, the videos on there are the ones always found first. If you don’t already, use Google Keyword Planner.¬†Use popular keywords in your title, description and tags when uploading your video. The data YouTube algorithm uses to determine where your video should be ranked in search is based on the keywords you are using.

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