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Creating Good Content for Your Blogs in Six Steps

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Creating good content is something that Google and other search engines look for nowadays. Search engines want to know what your company does. If you’re a diner, you should not be writing about cats. Unless you serve them, which we hope you are not! Your company should know your audience and create content that is relevant to what your company is all about.

If you are thinking about getting a blog together, or are wondering how to make content creation easier, here’s the six easy steps for you.

Creating Good Content for Your Blogs

It all starts with an idea. Write about your company. You can talk about events that your company does. You can highlight employees. Some like to give advice on what works for them. No matter what you decide, keep it close to what your company does. These topics keep you looking good in the eyes of Google and other search engines.

Make Sure to Write Away

Just free-write! Those ideas are not going to write themselves. Small companies can assign different team members to write about topics that have been discussed during the marketing meeting. Some might decide to hire a freelance writer to create content based on the agreed upon topics.

Your content needs to be written or if it is an image, have some metas or alt text to help the bots to scrape your site.

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Copy Edits Make Your Credible

The grammar Nazis are everywhere! Have several people look over your content before you publish it. If you can’t spell (because, let’s be honest, that’s the biggest one), your credibility is shattered. Double, triple, quadruple check ALL content.

Links. Tags. Metas. Oh, my!

These make your blog SEO-friendly. You can install Yoast SEO. This plugin helps you by telling you if your blogs are ready to be published. It checks the blogs readability, SEO, and other components that will help it shine.

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This is the easiest part. Post your content on your blog. Facebook, Twitter, and the likes are key platforms to consider.

Share it All Over!

Use tools like Shareaholic to help disperse your piece of art. That is the best way for people to find the awesome content that you have just created!

creating good content blogs

These are great tips to start with and a great checklist to ensure that you are making your content visible. Tractus Online has many more great tips that it can dish out to help your company with your blog. Good content is king! Relevant content is even better for your site. Blogs are a great tool to bring traffic to your site and for Google, and everyone else, to get to know you and your company. Continue creating good content and you’ll find your way on the first page of the search engines.

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