Ways to Maximize Content for Social Media

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We spend time creating original content for social media because we are told that it ranks higher on Google. Our marketing teams come together to discuss campaigns hoping to increase our ranking in the platforms that matter. We talk about creating more. We are making things new, relevant. We are rebuilding from ground zero and multiplying our efforts to please the powers that be at Google. Let’s not forget that in all our campaigns, we measure our success. We know what content our audiences like and which ones they engage with the most. Using these metrics, we can maximize the use of our strategic content for social media to gain more likes, more engagements, and ultimately, more money.

Blog that content for Social Media

Blogs are a great idea (I mean, you are reading one!). It is content that is easily shared, promoted, and read by your followers. We already know that it drives traffic to our sites, but it also helps us become thought leaders in the industry. Because we blog about our expertise, our followers see that we are credible sources for that relevant information.

Content for social media as a blog

Repurpose past content for social media as a blog.

Because content for social media has a low shelf life, it is wise to repurpose and deliver the same message using different points of views. You see this at the beginning of every year with titles like “5 Social Media Trends You Need to Know Going Into 2016,” or “5 SEO Tips That Will Bring Traffic To Your Site in 2016.” These kinds of content can be updated to match industry standards and be made relevant year to year making very little changes.

Podcasts, Audiocasts, and Webinars

Here’s a cool new medium. When I read blogs, I sometimes add a voice to it. It’s quirky, but it helps me remember and in a way personalize the experience for me. Content for social media can be used in podcasts as a topic of discussion. You can reach a new audience with listeners with that same content for social media that you wrote.

For example, Breton Company had a successful Kickstarter campaign that was launched on Instagram. His followers grew organically using influencers that enjoyed the visual and written content he shared. Looking at his analytics, Breton decided that he needed to reach more people and saw the untapped potential that are podcasts. In 2014, RawVoice, which tracks 20,000 shows, said the number of unique monthly podcast listeners has tripled to 75 million from 25 million five years ago. Breton Company hit 200% of their goal amount by Week Three of the campaign. It goes to show that there is a huge market out there to be discovered.

Like podcasts, webinars can be used to attract a new audience and to educate their customers about products and services. Webinars have become a forum for marketers to talk about their products and facilitate a non-threatening and natural interaction between company and customer. It can establish the company as a thought leader and an expert. Since the content you are presenting is super good, you’ll those customers to come back over and over again.

Repurpose content for social media as a podcast

If your content for social media did really well, consider doing a podcast and get some feedback.

Infographics are great content for social media

Who doesn’t like a good visual!? Infographics can communicate informational and useful content in a quick glance to readers and your target audience. Because your metrics already has numbers, you can easily fashion it with your trusty designer to be the talk of the town. The vibrant colors often used in infographics evoke feelings of excitement and newness. It’s a great way to carry your message across because as they say, a picture paints a thousand words!

A thousand words about me? Don’t mind if I do!

Great content means hitting that “download” button

We’ve created quite a robust portfolio just off of one piece of content. Putting it all together is as easy as creating a .zip file and posting it for the whole world to see. Customers can download all the content we’ve put together all at once for their consumption at anytime. Don’t forget, however, to grab some emails for future marketing campaigns. The customers that download the content are easy targets and great personas to be created and analysis to help you better understand what they want in the future. All this from one content for social media!

If you are looking to brainstorm ideas on how to market your most popular posts, Tractus has the creative team that can help you in that process. Our marketing and development team can conjure up the most effective way to maximize your content marketing strategy and help grow your business. Contact us here and lets get started!

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