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Company Sponsored Tech Meetups are Good for Your Employees

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Company Sponsored Tech Meetups are starting to become a norm in many companies. Meetups provide a space for people to share their knowledge about technologies used at work. Whether you are a programmer, a marketer, or a C-level exec, there is something for you at these meetups.

As a company, you might be asking, well, why sponsor when I can just call a meeting? Here are five reasons to consider sponsoring a meetup, and not be stingy.

Company Sponsored Tech Meetups are Transparent

These meetups are a great way to introduce your company in the space. If you are a startup, or a midsize company, you can get in front of some of the great people in the industry that you are in. You can meet VCs, co-founders, and other professionals that can help your company grow.

For Your Employees Benefit

When you have a company sponsored tech meetups, you are telling your employees that you want them to be in the middle of it all. It’s like having home court advantage. This also means that your employees can be the first ones to share what they are working on that they are really excited about.

It can be a preview of a product, or a technology or tool they’ve used. This can get them excited to talk about what they have been working on.

engagement at company sponsored tech meetup

Company sponsored tech meetups is a great way to get employees engaged.

Future Talent

Many sponsors are given 2-3 minutes to talk about their company. Being at the meetup means that you can vet the talents right there and then and get to know if they are both a technical and a cultural fit for your company.

Attendees of meetups almost expect to meet companies that are looking to hire talent.

Your Meetup Can Be Written Off for Taxes

Any money that you spend on sponsoring- food, marketing, etc.- can all be written off on your taxes. Now, it doesn’t mean go big, but food plays a big role in meetups. They need to be consistent, meaning, there is always food, even if it is a five-dollar pizza from Little Caesars. Same with the days and time for the meetup.

Word will start getting around about the awesome meetup your company is sponsoring. Your numbers will grow, and you will be talked about in tech circles!

Find Out What Works

Maybe for your company, it would be best to be the sole provider of the food since your place is too small a venue. Or you don’t have the bandwidth to provide speakers every month. Attend other meetups and see what they do that works and try it out. Not all meetups are going to be the same, but yours need to have that unique style that’ll distinguish them from others.

Here at Tractus , we encourage making connections and creating a brand that others can recognize easily. Meetups are a great way to establish those. For more information on other ways to network, or other up to date marketing platforms, contact us and we will show you what best fits your company.

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