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Company Sponsored Conferences & How to Make the Most of It

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There’s probably a list of company sponsored conferences that you can attend. In these conferences, big names in the industry are invited to encourage, inspire, and teach attendees ways that help them to be better in their roles.

But, between the prepping and the parties (yes, parties) in these events, somehow, the notebooks get lost. The excitement wanes until the next conference comes along. Luckily for you, there are ten things you can do to get the most of out your conference trip.

Company Sponsored Conferences Prep

If your company booked the event in advance, great! That means there is time to prepare and get things in order. Here what you can do ahead of time.

Take on an Active Role – Most of these conferences usually ask for presenters or speakers from its pool of participants. You can show your boss you are really excited about this by presenting on a topic, or even just volunteering to help out. The visibility helps as people will want to talk to you!

Jump on LinkedIn – See which of your connections will be there and plan to meet up. All of these events have some sort of social sharing that sometimes lets you know who will be there. At least you won’t be bored at presentations!

company sponsored conferences participation

At The Conference

Get the Lay of the Land – If it is your first time at these company sponsored conferences, attend the orientation. If you are a pro, well then, you help out the first timers!

Right Place at the Right Time – A lot of conferences are divided into tracks. If you are in marketing, stick to marketing. Unless you want to be a developer, then, of course you are welcome to learn about that. Make sure that you plan where you are going to go.

Pen and Paper – In your goodie bag, you’ll get a pen and a notebook. USE IT! If you don’t, make sure you record the session or at least jot down “AHA” moments. Evernote actually can record meetings. You can do that and re-listen to it later.

Network – Speakers love being talked to and asked questions. If they are busy, make sure you connect with them on their social and let them know what you thought of their presentation.

Linger Longer – The real party and networking happens after the day is over. Check out who is who at the mixers.

No Phones – If you’re smart, you set a vacation message on your emails. The company knows you are away. Make the most of the time by being present.

Take Home The Memories

Get a CRM – If you don’t already, please get one. These are precious relationships that you can foster and nurture to help you in the future.

Pay it Forward – Spread what you learn around. Implement it in your daily tasks. This isn’t brown-nosing, but refer to where you learned a particular skill in your meetings and show that when they sent you to the conference, you actually learned something!

Now, don’t forget, automate your tasks. Tractus Online is quite good at that. From you social media posts to ensuring your marketing timeline is set, we got you covered. Contact us and we’ll show you how we can help.

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