As a Company, You Should Invest in Learning HTML-CSS

Ekaterina Lepikhina Business

You hear it everywhere! Learn to code! But where do you start? Start by learning HTML-CSS and practicing.

There is so much cross disciplinary careers nowadays that not one skill is just tied to one profession. Programmers need to learn how to write. Marketers are now needing how to understanding basic programming. Writers are being told they need to understand data. No matter what story you are trying to tell, it is always good to draw from different skill sets to showcase how well you work. As a company, you need to keep up with the trend, if only to retain customers and have it so that they are not bored with you. Here’s some reasons why you should invest in learning it.

html-cssHTML-CSS and JavaScript as the Trinity

It may sound sacrilegious, but anyone learning web development start with basic knowledge of these three. Instead of using frames and tables, HTML can act as the frame for you site. CSS adds some flair. JavaScript pretty much creates all the features you want and make it work. The ability to understand how all three work together is in such high demand that people are taking classes and paying for it up the wazoo.

Flash is Dead

Whatever you want to build using Flash, our big three can do it better and grander! Nobody likes being told to download a software just to watch Netflix, or anything for that matter. HTML5 and CSS3 have made great strides in creating a great website experience that even Adobe doesn’t even use Flash… and they created it! Flash can eat too many valuable resources on your machine and that is just not worth it.

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