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Is Your Company Dress Code Affecting Employee Productivity?

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The term “dress for success” has taken a different meaning as companies shift from the suit and tie and favor more casual attire. The company dress code in most tech companies have exchanged slacks for joggers. Coffee rooms to ping-pong tables. You know, a bit lax. Critics point out that this lackadaisical approach to attire is bringing down company productivity, while others point out that the freedom helps others feel focused.

According to a Master’s College study “there is an effect on… performance in the workplace because of casual dress… Casual dress has equally positive and negative effects, and… dress codes may or may not be necessary for professional performance.” So there really isn’t a right or wrong answer. It all come to preference and culture of the company, but here are some guidelines to think about how to dress.

Color Theory

We know that colors affect the way others perceive you and how you perceive yourself. Conservative companies tend to go for lighter tones- yellows and pastels- as they are perceived to be more accommodating and friendly. Sales roles will probably go for more bold colors like hues of red, or if they want people to trust them, blue.

Company Dress Code Neon SignCompany Dress Code and Style

A good rule of thumb is dressing up in a not too revealing or distracting attire (unless you have a work contest, right?). Certain styles seem to command leadership roles. Polo and button up shirt. Pencil skirts. You decide, but studies show that your comfor level can also dictate your productivity. However, this is not an excuse to wear pajamas, ok?

There is no one formula for the best way to get that dress code down. When laying out the code, consider what your company’s mission and what’s important. Tractus Online may not be able to help you decide what to wear, but we can certainly help with your goals in marketing and web development!

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