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CES 2017 Takeaways: What You Should Watch Out For

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The future is now. Days after it closest, we have the CES 2017 takeaways that can help us guess where the future is heading.  As always, products get introduced at CES in Las Vegas. Every “Smart” product is present there and new technologies to introduce the new wave of tools and gadget that aims to make life a little bit easier. What does CES tell us about where your business should be headed? Let’s fined out.

CES 2017 Takeways: The Future is Smart

Ces 2017 takeaways mobile

Digital Assistants

– Amazon’s Alexa is really taking over. With the integration of this new digital assistant on all Amazons services and commonly used apps, Alexa-enabled devices made a great showing at CES. No longer will it be confined to your home to order groceries and have it tell you bedtime stories, Ford is putting it in their cars and LG will feature it in their refrigerators.

For your business, this means finding out how to get in on this game. Mobile apps that can integrate with Alexa are starting to pop up. Ordering your ride, scheduling your meetings, and asking your questions are moving away from your phone and into the digital assistant that you can teach skills to. Look at your options and get on top of what Alexa has to offer and get you more customers.

Ces 2017 takeaways mobile

Mobile Ready

– CES also feature a ton of affordable mobile phones that you can buy without a contract. Many company’s have come out with budget phones in the last couple of years. While they are not there to compete with the flagship devices like the iPhone and Galaxy, these entry-level devices tell us that the future is in mobile.

Android app development will become super important as our company would probably want to get in the app game and go where your customers are. Some of these devices run ads when locked. Companies are taking advantage of that extra ad space.

Overall, mobile seems to be the way that the world is going. It’s important that as a company, you go where your customers will see you. Tractus Online offers services in mobile app development to get you in the game. New customers get a discount. Referrals get some dough. Hop on the technology bandwagon and make some money!

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