how call to action marketing can help increase sales for your business

How Call To Action Marketing Works

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Call to action marketing, or CTA’s, are a common strategy that are adopted by many companies to get their target audience to perform a preferred action. A call to action could be a “click here” or “subscribe now” prompt that ultimately result in sales. Below are a few examples of successful call to action campaigns created by large companies, and some ways call to actions can be integrated into your current marketing initiatives.

why call to action marketing is important

Call To Action Marketing And Social Media

Social media is a more conversational and organic method of advertising as your followers have chosen to follow your pages, meaning they’re interested in what you have to say. Simply including a URL at the end of a post with a “click here” prompt before it will drive traffic to your website and allow viewers to learn more about your brand. Using a shortened URL from Google will allow you to track the CTA in terms of number of clicks, making it easy to measure its success rate.

Lyft And CTA’s

Ride sharing company Lyft is all about call to action marketing. By going to their home page, the first thing you notice is their “become a driver” button in neon pink. Because of the button placement and eye-catching color, this is the firs thing that viewer’s eyes are drawn to, making it a successful call to action. They also have a prominent “log in” and “sign up” option on their upper menu bar, immediately urging web viewers to sign up and become a part of their network.

Ikea and CTA’s

When it comes to call to action marketing, home furnishing company Ikea has mastered the art beautifully. The first thing you notice when you visit their website are scrolling offers, each with a call to action. One offer may be a promotion for a 20% off sale with a button stating “explore all the great deals”. The next offer may be an in-store event with an “RSVP now” button. Ikea’s website is full of call to actions, and their clean and unique layout seems to present them beautifully (and effectively).

how to integrate call to action marketing into your current strategy

Call to action marketing is something important to consider in terms of having your audience engage in a specific desired action. Call to actions can help drive traffic to your website, increase sales and boost event attendance. Want to learn what we can do in terms of integrating call to actions on your website? Contact us here. Want to learn more about effective digital marketing strategies? Click here

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