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Why Your Business Should Be Marketing With YouTube

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Imagine you are a small business trying to launch your company and have a $50 marketing budget, what would you do? This is the circumstance that George Wright, a new marketing hire at Blendtec, found himself in back in 2006. As history has it, George started the famous Will It Blend? marketing sensation on YouTube and turned Blendtec into a household name almost overnight.

YouTube is currently the 5th largest social media platform with over 1 billion videos watched on mobile devices per day. People love to watch videos, the numbers prove it. If your business isn’t using this channel to reach customers than you are missing out on an enormous opportunity to grow your business and expose it to new markets.

When people search for answers, looks for new things, or make decisions, they’re often turning to their device. Google has titled these instances micro-moments. People want the right information right away and they are searching for answers on YouTube. To win at video micro-moments you need to know how to identify them and act on them. Google identifies the following four types of video micro-moments.

micro moments

First, you need to expand your focus from “who customers are” to “what they want”. Your brand can stay relevant by understanding your customer’s intent on YouTube. Then, be there when your audience is looking and provide useful content that answers their needs.

Here are three reasons why your company should be using YouTube:

  • YouTube reaches more U.S. adults ages 18-34 than any cable network
  • YouTube allows businesses to market for free while still being on a level playing field with bigger competitors
  • Your business is able to engage with customers in their moment of need

Check out the power of YouTube.

youtube stats


These statistics provide compelling reasons to start your YouTube video marketing campaign and start reaching your customers in their micro-moments. If you need help with video marketing, contact our online marketing experts for a free consultation.

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