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Is Building a WordPress Site Right For My Project?

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Can we use WordPress site for [FILL IN THE BLANK]?

That is the number one question that we receive from new and existing clients alike. Because of how wildly successful WordPress has become throughout the Internet, and the enabling power which it provides to non-developers to manage their sites, people have started trying to think of WordPress as a catch-all of sorts.Wordpress is definitely a  contender for a simple and maintenance-free web experience. We utilize WordPress here at Tractus Online and it suits the needs of many of our clients.

Don’t Build A WordPress Site If…

  1. You want a website, but you don’t know coding. Yeah, you don’t need to know what a “div” or “class” is, just plug away. However, you will need to know some about inserting code at the right places
  2. Updates are your thing. There comes about 3 big updates on WordPress a year. That pretty takes care of a lot of the bugs and issues you would need to watch out for if you create a custom site from scratch. If you miss an update, it can sometimes make things hard.
  3.  You are not even the least bit tech savvy. You need to at least know where things go, and even what words mean.

Options Like…

There are other site like WordPress that could fit your needs like Squarespace, Weebly, or Wix. All just depends on what exactly you are looking to build.

Why Should I Build it in WordPress?

YES. You totally should, but only if it fits your needs. There is a reason why it is used by many in the US and outside. It has the flexibility for any kind of design or functionality, just ask Walt Disney, Co., Chicago Sun-Times, or Target. There’s a global community of developers that can help you in a pinch. Most importantly, it is a great blogging platform.

We can help you find out what you company needs at Tractus Online. Be it WordPress or another platform, we can definitely get you going.

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