Brand Colors Says Alot About Your Company and Its Vision

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Your brand colors are not just pretty aesthetics to make people go “ooh” and “ahh.” The perception of you brand is carried by your logo design and color. The psychology behind color schemes range from perception of status, purpose, and culture. Different colors are associated with different emotions and experiences that your customers have had.

As you think about rebranding or throwing together summer campaigns, it is important to keep in mind what colors means to your customers. How do you want your brand to be perceived? What can you do to be sensitive to different cultures? More importantly, what lasting effect do you want your customers to leave with after seeing your brand?

Brand Colors are Important

Brand Colors and Emotions

Color Emotion Guide from The Logo Company

Color is dependent on a persons experience. In Western cultures, certain colors like yellow generate feelings of happiness satisfaction. Companies that provide services like McDonald’s, Best Buy and Denny’s want you to think that when you enter and leave their establishments, you are happy and satisfied. They associate the experience with the color and entices the customer to come back to feel that same emotion.

Color is important to your brand because the brain easily responds to brands. Research says that strong brands activate certain areas of the brain independent of product categories. Immediately, that trust is made by the brain and the heart approves of it.

The Psychology of Color

There are many factors that contribute to a successful brand. Targeting men and women, for example, has specific emotions that resonate with them thought process. Men tend to favor bold colors while women opt for the softer ones in the spectrum. Masculine and feminine perceptions come in to play for brands like Lowe’s (blue) and Hallmark (purple).

Your company’s target demographic needs to respond well to the colors you choose. So choose wisely.

Our main colors at Tractus Online are blue and gray. We value trust and balance. Our customers understand that when they present us a project, they can trust us to provide them with excellent service and depend on our experience to help them in their marketing or development needs. Learn more about us and the colors that will make you the right choice for your customers.

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