3 email marketing campaigns successfully done by large brands

The Best Email Marketing Campaigns To Date

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Email marketing is a great way to reach your audience, and if done correctly, it can be very beneficial for business. Large companies around the world take advantage of e-marketing, and many of them do it well. Below are  a few examples of top companies that have perfected their email strategy.

3 tips for email marketing

Email Marketing With BuzzFeed

BuzzFeed is notorious for their attention-grabbing headlines that generally go viral on social media. This is the case for their email campaigns as well because they have mastered the art of subject lines and preview text. Their preview text is always in line with the subject and it is always witty and intriguing. BuzzFeed uses quirky images and graphics in their emails as well which helps break up the copy and keep it interesting.


Uber does a great job with their email marketing campaigns as they are always to the point and fluid in design. There is always a clear call to action, whether that be a discount on a ride or an offer for an Uber Pass, and the call to action is accompanied by a button. Uber keeps its design very fluid from its app to its emails to its website using the same color scheme with a tech-feel to it.


Are you hungry yet? Well once you open an email marketing campaign from Postmates you will be. Postmates is notorious for embedding GIFs in their emails making them fun and eye-catching. The GIFs are usually of food in hopes the recipient will then order whatever is being promoted. Their strategy doesn’t stop there as their copy is always fun and witty, just like their brand.

3 strategies to consider for email marketing

Email marketing campaigns are important and can help maximize your business, especially if done in a fun and unique way. Want us to come up with a cool e-marketing campaign like one of the big brands above? Contact us. Want to read more ideas about email campaigns? Click here

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