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Apple’s New OS Will Allow iPad Apps on Macs

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One of the wonderful things about brand loyalty in electronics, is cross-compatibility. Apple is the gold standard in this regard. If you own a Mac, iPad, and iPhone, you can receive messages and email on all three devices on identical applications. This holds true also for News, Maps, Weather, and other standard applications in Apple products. However, Macs have yet to create and partake in the same market for apps as do iPhones and iPads. Starting this fall, among other interesting changes, Apple will allow Mac users to run iPad apps on their computers.

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The News

At WWDC 2019, Apple announced changes to its OS coming this fall, including the introduction of iPad apps for Macs. Companies involved in piloting this new OS have reported favorably that iOS softwares have, through this new update, very easily transitioned over to MacOS compatibility. In the coming months companies will certainly be preparing for the roll out of the new OS to make sure that their apps are ready for users immediately.

What it Means

The cross-compatibility mentioned above now becomes even more ubiquitous for Apple, as a result of this change. “One development team, for the first time,” noted Apple’s Senior VP of Software Engineering Craig Federighi, “can create a single app that spans from the iPhone, to the iPad to the Mac.” While the traditional means of access to online services (Safari or other web browsers) will still be available, many users will begin using the same app on all devices. This simplifies things for programmers and business operators, in that they need not focus on creating so many different designs for the same applications/pages.

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Apple’s enthusiasm inspires confidence in the change, and the consistency that will result across platforms is certainly promising. The question you need to ask is, “Am I ready?” When the change comes, will your compatibility across MacOS and iOS be where it needs to be? Contact us today for a free consultation on updating, and keeping up to date, your applications for this, and future changes. Partner with us to ensure you will always be ready when the changes come.

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