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Thoughts, Lessons, and How the Apple Keynote Teaches Courage

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Apple’s Senior VP introduced the new AirPods yesterday to everyone in the world. What was interesting was the recounting of several Apple choices that led them to get rid of the 3.5 mm headphone jack. Throughout the whole event, it seems like they want their consumers to know that the Apple Keynote teaches courage to those that listen to it.

It has been rumored for months and it is a pretty gutsy move to deviate from the standard. It’s not the first time that Apple has decided to ditch the norm. Here are some instances that Apple took the world by surprise.

No More Towers- Apple Introduces the Mac Mini

The late Steve Jobs introduced this very robust computer in 2005 as a response to the clamor for a stripped down MacBook. The courage to deviate from the towers to this sleek, new device paid off in a big way. Today, many consumers enjoy the sleekness of this device coupled with the best screens that show off the Mac minis power.

This design paved the way for things like the AppleTV. So, BYODKM.

Who Needs a Disk Slot?

When CDs became the thing to have, many could not even imagine what life without them would be like. Imagine the shock consumers had when they could no longer watch DVDs or install drivers. There were articles written on how to survive life without CDs. Soon these were forgotten and came digital downloads. Netflix became a household name and streaming services for all media became the norm.

Do you miss the CDs?

The iPhone Sets the Standard

Apple Keynote teaches courage to athletes

Apple Keynote teaches courage meanwhile Apple CEO teaches athletes |

When the first iPhone came out, it wowed the rest of the world. A whole computer in your fingertips. New words were made. Languages were created. A charger that can easily go on whichever direction made life so much easier. There may be competitors, but it is accepted that without that initial iPhone, we’d still be flipping the phone open to answer. The absence of the headphone jack is just another way to set that standard. Is it crazy? Maybe. Courageous? Absolutely.

These bold changes can argue that the point of Apple event is show that the Apple Keynote teaches courage. Apple is a bold company that is not afraid to make mistakes and learn from them. Business need to take chances and risk. Tractus Online can help with making sure that these ventures are the right ones for your company. From marketing to website design, they can help you attract the right people that click with your innovations, just like Apple has done. So learn from Apple and be courageous!

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