How has the Apple iPhone Changed User Experience

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The Apple iPhone changed user experience as soon as it hit the shelves almost a decade ago. With the upcoming announcement of the iPhone 7, fans and enthusiasts wait in excitement to see what new feature Apple has in store for them. With the smartphone market pitting Samsung and Apple against each other, Apple has had to come up with some features to level up in the game. But the brand it carries and the status it provides has people clamoring for more of its products.

From Siri to 3D Touch, the Apple iPhone changed user experience and drove the market to a more mobile-friendly ecosystem. Here are some of their best features and the impact it had on our interactions.

App Store

When the first iPhone came out in 2007, it created some new words that are now just part of our everyday vocabulary. One of those words is the App Store. It refers to the place where applications can be purchased for consumer consumption. As the popularity of smartphones continued to rise thanks to apps like Angry Birds, developers started creating more apps for the store.

Compare the Apple iPhone user experience with that of an old Nokia.

The Apple iPhone has changed user experience from old brick phones to interactive smart ones. | Pixabay

Today, one can learn Swift, the official programming language used by many iOS developers and create games and other applications and sell them on the App Store. The Apple iPhone changed user experience by allowing access to a whole new world of mobile applications that were not present before.


When Siri was introduced with the iPhone 4s, the world was in awe. Having a personal digital assistant was way more than just getting on your computer’s calendar and adding meetings. It meant that you interact with your device just like you would a real person. You can ask it questions, set schedules for you, and have it tell you jokes. At its inception, tech writer’s saw what it could become. Today, Siri has evolved with the needs of people today and will continue to do so with new iterations.

apple iphone user experience family

The Apple iPhone user experience extends even to the youngest user. | Pixabay

Today, Siri has been integrated to many iOS products, like the Apple Watch, the MacBook Pro, AppleTV, and CarPlay. Soon, your wish can literally be Siri’s command.

Finger-Print Scanner

Another step into the future. Because passwords are a thing of the past. Because it is more futuristic. The Apple iPhone changed user experience by including touch as a big part of mobile life. Users are now more secured.

3D Touch

Not the most impressive, but it needs the love. Once again, interaction changes when the pictures that you touch move. It brings you back into the moment. You can preview messages giving you control over what you see.

Apple Pay

The convenience of NFC devices means less clutter in your pocket when you are traveling, or running errands. Apple Pay integration has made itself available to a lot of merchants meaning you can tap your device and pay with it. No cards required.

apple iphone user expereince pokemon

Even in groups, the Apple iPhone user experience has changed. |Pixabay

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