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9 Do’s & Don’ts Of Link Building

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One of the most important aspects of search engine optimization is link building. Backlinks build authority and help your website rank with search engines. As you build a list of reputable and trustworthy backlinks Google considers those backlinks as validation that your website is legitimate and provides good content and material. But there is a right and wrong way to finding backlinks. Here are nine things that will help you know how to rank you website higher without getting penalized.


Ask For Backlinks

Have you ever been told, “All you had to do was ask”? You should know this also applies to backlinks. If you are just starting, reach out to family, friends, or co-workers that have a blog or run a website. Ask if they will give you in-content links rather than sidebar or footer links. You can also find blogs or websites that you believe could benefit from linking to you. Reach out with a friendly email and tell them how your links will add value to their site. Be aware that irrelevant backlinks will not help and in some instances may even harm your website ranking.

Focus on Relevance

If you run a website that promotes fitness and sells supplements you shouldn’t try to get backlinks from a website that deals with real estate. Google likes to see relevant links and unrelated links just look like spam. As you find relevant links you will get better visitors and your website will benefit.

Deliver Value

The best way to know if you are delivering value is by asking yourself who benefits if a website gives you a backlink. If the answer to this question is only yourself then you should reconsider. If the linking site is given more credibility by linking to your website and the human readers find value in the resources you make available to them that is a win win-win situation.

List In Trustworthy Directories

A directory that provides useful information to customers and allows you to post a link to your website is a trustworthy directory. Google excludes directories that provide no real value for users. Finding directories that deal with your industry will definitely make it easier to get indexed with major search engines and help people find your site.

Offer to Write A Guest Post

As you reach out to different companies and websites offer to write a guest post for them. This will allow you to add backlinks and will give them good content to post. Be sure that when you write your post that you don’t focus on your company but rather an aspect of your industry. Also, make sure that you write quality content and remember a poorly written article can give you a bad reputation.

Discover Competitor’s Backlinks

There are many tools that can help you see what websites your competitors are getting backlinks from. Search for these tools on Google and you should be able to find a few i.e. Ahrefs It’s a good tool to browse through the backlinking history of your competitor and get ideas or even exact domain names for possible link building opportunities.


Buy Backlinks

Google has come out and said that buying backlinks is in violation of their guidelines and you will be punished when you are caught. Google’s most recent changes focus much more on authority and relevancy of backlinks than on the total number of backlinks. Be sure to steer clear of sites that want your money for backlinks.

Excessive Link Exchange

Link exchange is when two websites agree to link to each other. This may sound like a win-win situation but when taken to an extreme it can actually hurt your website. Be sure that sites that link to you aren’t doing this.

Leave Unhelpful Forum Or Blog Comments

If you write comments with the sole purpose of leaving a link to your site you’re spamming and creating a bad reputation for yourself. Only leave comments when you feel you’re adding value to the conversation and potentially helping other people. Nothing makes people more mad than visitors joining the conversation only looking to benefit themselves.

Link building is a key aspect of search engine optimization. As you strat building links for your own website, be sure to follow the suggestions above. Also, remember that you are dealing with real people and the better you treat them the more likely they will help you. If you have questions about link building and you want to rank higher in search engines reach out to our SEO team at Tractus.
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