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7 Reasons You Should Use Google Analytics

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Google Analytics is a powerful tool that can help give your company a push in the right direction. Whether you are focused on increasing your ROI or need some measurable data for website redesign, this is the tool for you. Here are a few reasons to start using Google Analytics today.

User Friendly

Getting everything set up is relatively easy. Once you have linked your website, navigating Google Analytics does have a small learning curve. With that said, the site is laid out simple and self-explanatory. You will need to spend some time to familiarize yourself with the different features available. And you might not need all of the features, filters and add-ons. However, if you do, Google provides video tutorials and helpful articles right in Analytics or you can learn more advanced features in the Analytics Academy.

Free to use

There are no associated fees for using this product. Basic Google Analytics is completely free. Who doesn’t love free stuff? Also, this is a high quality tool, Google wouldn’t create anything less. This leaves a little extra money in your pocket to use elsewhere, spend it wisely.

Cost of Google Analytics

Custom dashboards to track data

After familiarizing yourself with the different features, you can create custom dashboards to track a host of data from your website. Page views, bounce rates, and top referring sites are among the most popular tracked numbers. These numbers can teach you a lot about your website and your site visitors. For instance, if your site has a high bounce rate you should work on your landing page design, content, and quality of traffic sources.Custom dashboards let you filter the data and custom pick the metrics that are right for your business.

Track goals

Once your dashboard is set up, you can track your company’s goals with Google Analytics. Each goal should be straight forward and relate to your company’s ultimate goals. In e-commerce, here a three general questions people want to know. One, did the visitor search for something? Two, did they add something to their cart? Three, did they purchase it? Goals can be set up to track each of these separate items. As you hit your goals your company will continue to grow and see a greater ROI.

Send yourself up-to-date reports

Add different dimensions and metrics in one report that can be automatically sent to you on a weekly, monthly, or customized basis. These reports can help you stay on top of trends and recent changes that happen on your site.

Google Adwords

To help maximize profitability, Google Analytics and Google Adwords can be linked together to track information on all of your Adwords’ campaigns. This is very helpful to analyze the performance of keywords. Interpreting this data can boost performance across several marketing platforms.

Rate of use for Fortune 500 companies

Over 50% of Fortune 500 websites use Google Analytics. These companies account for more than $12.5 trillion in revenue in the United States. No matter how big or small your company is, the data gathered from Google Analytics is very valuable and can lead to big changes to your bottom line.

Who uses Google Analytics

Google Analytics will only grow and the rate of use will continue to rise. Gathering data about your site’s visitors and customers will enable you to make changes to your website that could lead to sizable growth. To find help getting started with Google Analytics, contact our team at Tractus.

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