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6 Tips to Improve Your Pay-Per-Click Marketing

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Whether you are an established business or just launching your first startup, saving money always helps your business grow. But don’t think cutting costs on your online marketing budget will do the trick. Online marketing in today’s world is essential for your business, and pay-per-click is an effective way to get noticed, improve sales and traffic. So how can you have your cake and eat it too.. or, in other words, have a great pay-per-click marketing campaign and save money? By applying these six tips to your strategy you will be able to grow your internet presence and increase your ROI.

Track Data

Pay-per-click advertising through Google AdWords tracks all the information you need to run a successful marketing campaign. By tracking each keyword and the related costs (cost-per-click), you are able to see where every dollar is spent and which words are producing the best results. After time, you’ll be able to see which words to keep and which words to drop. Transferring your budget to high performing keywords will definitely improve your PPC marketing.

Make Specific Ads

The more specific you can make your ad, the more likely you are going to convert clicks to sales. When people go onto Google and search for something they want the most relevant content to appear. If you sell outdoor camping stoves and your ad says “30% Off Stoves” your traffic and sales will be much lower than if you said “30% Off Camping Stoves”. Your pay-per-click marketing efforts will go a long way by paying attention to specific keywords.

Combine PPC & SEO

Your business will lead the top of Google search results by centering its PPC and SEO marketing strategy on select keywords. With the combined efforts of both organic marketing and paid ads, your business will distinguish itself as the leader in its market. Consumers will trust your brand more when they see it at the top of search results without paid ads. Others will be more inclined to click on the first result, usually a paid ad. By staying consistent and adding a little more focus to your website, you will see big returns on your PPC marketing efforts.

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Enhance Landing Page Performance

Google actually gains more traffic from relevant paid ads. The more often paid ads convert to sales, Google gains credibility and popularity. With this said, Google will charge a lower CPC (cost-per-click) if your ads have a good conversion rate. So, how do you make sure your business has a good conversion rate? You guessed it, your landing page. Customers are much more likely to stay on your website if they click on your ad and find what they are looking for, so be accurate in your ad description and optimize your landing pages for conversions. You will have happier customers and save money by providing correct information. The bounce rate of your landing page will give you a good indication of how you are doing with this.

Pay Attention to Time & Geography

After some time, be sure to review your ads performance. You will be able to learn a lot about your customers by reviewing the data you’ve now gathered. Look at the geography of your customer base, this may be in certain cities or large areas. Cater your PPC marketing to the areas with a proven track record of success. You can also look at the time of day your customers searched for your business. If you see that the majority of your customers seem to click on your website at night, be sure to customize your efforts to reach them in that moment.

These proven tips can improve your PPC marketing efforts and save your business money. With the money you save, you can reinvest in your new and improved online campaign and generate more sales. For additional insights into PPC, contact our marketing team, they have a track record of high performing marketing strategies.

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