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5 Ways to Improve Your Instagram Marketing

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With the many tools available in online marketing today, it is important to recognize how to best use each one. Instagram, like other social media platforms, has great potential as one such tool. Here is a list of 5 ways to improve your efforts marketing on Instagram.

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1. Write the Perfect Bio

Make it concise, on brand, and include a “call-to-action.” Consider the most basic message you want potential clients or customers to gain when they think of your brand, and tailor your bio to this purpose.

2. Create a Visual Aesthetic

Making the coloring, imagery, and overall feel of your Instagram consistent and aesthetically pleasing is essential to success. Instagram is all about visuals, so when considering how to best use the platform, remember that marketing success follows correct knowledge and application. Make your Instagram’s branding and aesthetic worth a second look.

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3. Use All of Instagram’s Features

Instagram has more features than you realize. If you don’t know all of the features and utilize them adequately, you might be missing out on simple and powerful ways to improve your marketing. Some such features include: hiding stories from certain users to create targeted messaging, adding line breaks to your bio, changing colors of letters or words in your story. There are many other features. Educate yourself on how to improve your Instagram usage.

4. Master #Hashtags

Hashtags link your posts and stories to other related content. Consider the type of person you want to interact with your page. What type of content do they interact with? What hashtags might appear on such content? Are the hashtags specific to that brand, or could you fruitfully use them to attract eyes without undercutting your image? These are important questions. Hashtags should always be used, and used wisely.

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5. Use Instagram Analytics

On your business Instagram profile, analytics that will interest you are already tracked. Metrics such as impressions, reach, and general engagement are available to you. Knowing these analytics can provide the basis for setting goals, and measuring success on current strategies.

There are many more strategies to learn, and that can be overwhelming. Having an ally in the shifting landscape of online marketing can be essential. Let us help! Find out today how we can be your partner in your Instagram marketing, and beyond. 

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