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5 SEO Tips That Will Bring Traffic To Your Site In 2016

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To optimize or not to optimize?..That’s not a question anymore. The question is how to optimize your site keeping up with the latest trends and getting the most out of organic search for your business. Whether you are an expert in SEO, keeping tabs on the latest changes or just starting out with a small ecommerce site, here are a few of the most important elements of a high ranking website of 2016.

Fresh Content

One of the simplest and most common way to boost your SEO is through a blog. Blogging about relevant topics in your industry will help you rank higher and increase traffic to your site. Research shows that companies that posted 16+ blogs per month had 3.5x’s more traffic than companies that published only 0-4 monthly posts. Also, over 80% of US consumers trust the information and advice they read from blogs.

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Mobile Friendly Websites

The number of mobile searches is soon going to surpass desktop searches and mobile shopping is projected to be one fourth of all e-commerce sales before the end of this year. For these reasons, Google loves sites that are mobile friendly. To see if your website is mobile friendly check out Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test first before making any changes.

Simple Site Structure

Make sure your site is easy to navigate and important pages are readily accessible from the homepage. This structure helps users have a great experience and also allows web crawlers, like Googlebot, to access, crawl, and index with greater ease. User experience and great website architecture are still the key factors.

Fast Loading Speed

Nothing encourages a high bounce rate like a slow website. On the other hand, everyone loves a fast loading site and so does Google. Not only will a faster site increase your SEO but it will also increase your sales. Shopzilla, a price comparison service which operates a portfolio of e-commerce websites, was able to generate 7-12% more revenue by shaving three seconds off their load time. You can test your website speed at Google’s PageSpeed Insights.


Multiple Backlinks

Links are like votes. Links tell search engines that your page is liked and utilized by someone else’s website. Essentially, the more “votes” or links you have from other websites the higher your ranking will be. But not all links are weighted the same and you may even be penalized for irrelevant links. Links from established and well known sites like Amazon or Stumbleupon are going to be trusted and have more weight than lesser known sites. Link building can be done in a verity of ways but the two most valuable are “natural” links and “manual outreach” links.  Natural links occur when sites create great material that others naturally want to link with their company. While, manual outreach requires reaching out and being included on others websites.

Search engine optimization may seem like a large hurdle for your business as you continue to ask yourself, “Why can’t I find my business on Google?” Above are a few tricks that may help you get started in the right direction. If you have any questions about SEO, contact our team of experts at Tractus, they would be happy to help.

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