5 Important Tips for New eCommerce Sites

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To remain competitive in today’s marketplace, businesses must live in the digital world. Getting started in eCommerce can, however, be pretty tricky. Today we have some helpful tips for how to make your business’ eCommerce launch, and beyond, a smashing success.

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1. Launch On Multiple Platforms

No matter how awesome your website is, it’s never so good that your business won’t benefit from additional platforms. Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Overstock, and other online retailers are all worth considering in your eCommerce strategy. Having a website’s important, but these days many customers prefer to do their shopping in only a few places. Get your business on those platforms, and you’ll see the positive results right away.

2. Engage With Customers and Potential Customers

Every time someone buys from you, when you’ve just begun your website, make it a habit to reach out to them after with a follow up message. Send them a personal note thanking them for patronizing your business and offering your services to them moving forward. Doing this creates brand loyalty, and true believers in your customers. As for potential customers, make a chat feature available on all platforms for your customers so they can engage with your company as soon as they have a question. Regular customer engagement is key to converting leads into sales.

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3. Personalize the Experience

As mentioned in the previous point, you need to make the customers feel personally heard and catered-to. Make the experience intimate. Make sure that every step makes each customer feel that they are engaging personally with you, and not pressing buttons on a machine. Design, automation, and process are essential in accomplishing this.

4. Donate Products to Reviewers

If you have a new product one of the main reasons people won’t buy is because there are no positive reviews online to speak of. A simple way to gain positive reviews is to donate your product to online volunteers who, in turn, will use your product, and give you the reviews you need to boost your credibility.

5. Make Your Plan Flexible

With the SEO, marketing, and other aspects of your eCommerce strategy, ensure there’s a sufficient amount of flexibility and contingency baked into the cake. If you get a few months down the road and something isn’t working, you shouldn’t need to scrap your whole strategy to adjust to this single hiccup. Make sure you’ve planned for small mistakes and adjustments from the beginning, because they will absolutely happen, and you don’t want to be caught flat footed when they do.

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The world of eCommerce is big and very intimidating. You’re competing with giants, and a marketplace flooded with many other small sellers. While your product or service is likely unique and valuable enough to create buzz on its own merit, don’t go the way of other brilliant products with mistaken marketing techniques. More than anything else, having an experienced partner will help you avoid pitfalls, and find the success you seek. At Tractus, we have a record of proven success in building out all kinds of websites, apps, and software, as well as partnering in marketing efforts to create unparalleled brand value. Contact us today for a free consultation on how we can help you in your eCommerce efforts and beyond.

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