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5 Internet Marketing Tactics That Are Absolute Must For Business Owners in 2015

Ekaterina Lepikhina Marketing

Business owners are often overwhelmed by the choice and seeming complexity of online marketing solutions. More than that, digital marketing is a constantly developing and ever changing stream that businesses need to keep up with.
Here is the list of 5 Internet Marketing Tactics that are not optional anymore for business owners in 2015.

1. Micro-targeting

Internet is a great tool for collecting the data about your prospects and visitors. It is not about targeting your marketing messages, it’s time to dig deeper and get to know your audience and not only them better. Create the kind of one-to-one conversations using personalization techniques and be ready to change your product line based on the data you gather. Micro-targeting also includes marketing to people directly influencing your audience and their decisions. If you sell popcorn, think about reaching out to social media groups talking about recent movies ad discussing movie theaters.

2. Boosted Social Media Posts and Ads

It’s time to admit that non-sponsored brand content in users’ newsfeed is no longer as visible and effective as it used to be. Social media today is overfilled with marketing content. Thus, some of the targets are extremely difficult to reach with organic posts even though they seem to be interesting and relevant to your customers. Be prepared to pay for social media ads, promoted posts and other campaigns. If you don’t pay, your followers are very likely to miss everything you are posting in the social world. And it’s very easy to lose them to your competition that has certain budget to spend on social ads.

3. Focus on Mobile User Experience

Mobile Internet and mobile apps usage have surpassed the desktop Internet and will only continue to grow in 2015. Companies must focus on mobile marketing strategies, developing apps for their business and on mobile-friendly Search Engine Optimization. On average, it is expected over 50 billion local searches from phones, tablets and other mobile devices (including wearables). Would you want your business to be found in those searches or are you ready to give away this part of market to your competition?

4. Content Marketing On a Company Level

An effective content marketing strategy should be about writing exclusive content for your target audience, not just retweeting and copying other companies posts. Content becomes a real value and to accomplish that companies will not just hire professional writers or SEO experts to generate content. Significant input will be required from the company on all levels. Starting form snapping office pictures by employees to getting insights from CEO, sales people, project managers etc. Generic content will be replaced by a more personal outlook.

5. Complete Integration

Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Web Design and Online Advertising are becoming more and more integrated merging into one online marketing plan. If two or three years ago it was possible to concentrate on one area of digital strategy without affecting other elements, now it is almost unacceptable to separate these intertwined parts of Internet Marketing. Businesses must focus on achieving goals and long-term results taking into consideration that online marketing should be perceived as a whole rather than focusing on one particular side of it.

It is important to keep up with recent trends to make sure your business goals are achieved easier and more efficiently. Sometimes your online marketing success and overall business performance depends on proactive steps that you and your company take every day. Make sure to get a consultation with professionals first before you make any decisions about your Internet Marketing Strategy.

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