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5 Email Marketing Trends For Revenue Boost

Ekaterina Lepikhina Business, Marketing

Email marketing remains one of the top three strategies for businesses of all sizes. A powerful email marketing strategy consists of three core elements: building a list, personalizing data and sending out campaigns that lead to revenue generation. Is that it? Given the degree of competition, it is also crucial to stay on top of things and learn the latest trends in order to achieve your business goals. Here is the overview of recent email marketing trends that you need to consider before your competitors take advantage:

Views Go Beyond Single Device

Users are on the go and check their emails while standing in line, drinking coffee or even hanging on the beach. And that means that most likely they see your emails on smaller screens. More than 60% of users will delete emails right away if they are not optimized for mobile. Simple design that is readable, appealing and calling to action on all devices should be your priority.

Growing Lists Goes Beyond Forms

Interactive engagement with new plugins for your site and techniques on social media lets you grow your subscription list a lot faster. Pop-up boxes have been proved as an effective tool for building email lists. Do not forget to offer your users something in return. Become a trustful source of information or offer a good deal. Share and become friends with your users. .

Personalization Goes Beyond First and Last Name

In the age of big data, it is important not to miss out on the smart use of information you gather. Location-specific targeting is a new trend in the email marketing world. By implementing location demographics to your email campaigns, you can refer to local events, landmarks or stores that are relevant to a specific group of people you are targeting. A lot of companies also personalize campaigns based on customers’ interactions, profiles and interests. Offers and content when linked with external data can be very powerful.

Analytics Goes Beyond Click Rates

You can’t improve what you don’t measure. Luckily, with every year email software is giving you more and more statistics that goes beyond measuring clicks and opens. Find out when is the best time to send your offer. Write down what worked for this particular campaign, what didn’t and how you might improve it. Change and test headlines. See who is the most loyal of your customers and offer a referral program to them.

Visual Goes Beyond Images

Email marketing is becoming more visual than before. Integrating animated gifs is a new way to engage the audience. Some companies have been able to increase their revenue by more than 100% by using animated gifs in their emails. Embedding videos is one of the visual trends as well. However, using gifs and videos is tricky since this hasn’t been enabled across all email clients yet.

Keep in mind that every business should have its unique approach to email marketing. Follow trends, check on competitors but stand out from the crowd by having your own strategy in place. Contact us for a free consultation on email marketing for your business.

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