4 facts about mobile app usage among millennials

4 Trends In Mobile App Use Among Millennials

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The millennial generation is very mobile app centric as the majority of this demographic use a smartphone of some sort. Below is a list of 4 interesting facts in regards to millennials and their usage of smartphone apps.

4 facts about how millennials use a mobile app

The Number One Mobile App Is Amazon

Surprisingly, when adults ages 18-34 were asked which app they could not live without, the majority said Amazon. Following in close second was Gmail, and Facebook was ranked third. Because online shopping is ever so popular, and with Amazon’s new Prime feature allowing its users to get products fast, many are utilizing Amazon more than any other app.

They’re Willing To Spend Money On Apps

You heard that right. Millennials are willing to spend money on that sought after app. In fact, 64% of adults ages 18-34 claimed that they have paid for a mobile app in the past year. This means that creating an app can be quite the profitable move for businesses. Millennials aren’t just downloading free apps, so make sure you market your app in a unique way to make it appealing.

Millennials Hate Ugly Logos

When asked, almost a quarter of adults ages 18-34 claimed they have deleted a mobile app from their home screen due to an unappealing logo. When designing an app, making sure the logo is clean and appealing in order to complement that sleek smartphone the consumer is most likely using is vital to keeping the app on their screens.

4 Facts about mobile app usage

Push Notifications Are A Millennials Worst Enemy

63% of adults ages 18-34 claim that they often agree to accept push notifications from a given mobile app at the point of download. On the flip side, 71% of adults also claim that they find push notifications to be irritating. Notifications from social media apps are strictly based on how much engagement that individual may get, but when other apps are constantly sending the user push notifications it can become overkill. App push notifications such as asking the user to rate an app everyday can be grounds for deletion. Limiting the amount of push notifications your app sends to its users will leave the user with a positive feeling about your brand.

Millennials are very app centric, and creating a mobile app may be the best way to market to this demographic. Click here to read about how an app can help your business, and contact us to see what we can do in terms of developing that app. 

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