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4 Reasons Why Mobile Marketing Is A Must

Ekaterina Lepikhina Marketing

Many companies are still questioning the need for mobile marketing. What they really should be questioning is what exactly their mobile strategy needs to be and how effectively implement it.
Here are some stats that will help you understand modern consumer behavior, their adoption of mobile and its impact on mobile marketing.

Multi-screening is Common

80% of Internet users have smartphones. Majority of users do not stick to one device when browsing the web. The so-called “multi-screening” is growing: consumers switch from computers to iPads and smartphones all the time depending on the circumstances.
Key Takeaway: Be consistent across all devices, monitor your user’s activity and be ready to change your marketing strategy according to your customers online behavior. Use Google Analytics to monitor and track customers’ behavior patterns and device usage.

Timing Matters

It’s time to adjust your marketing strategy even throughout the day.
Statistically, smartphones are late night (12 AM – 7AM) and early morning (7 AM – 10 AM) devices.
Laptops and desktops dominate working hours.
Tablets are actively used at night ( 5PM – 12 AM).
Key Takeaway: Keep in mind your customers habits when sending e-mail campaigns, doing social promotions or video ads. If it’s during working hours users are more likely to see your message on a bigger screen yet sound could be limited. Early morning commute usage implies lack of concentration on visuals, so sound effects are the key to success.

Apps or Mobile Sites?

There is no doubt that consumers spend more time using apps than mobile websites. What is astonishing though is that consumers spend 89% of their time on apps versus 11% on sites.
Key Takeaway: If you have an idea for an app for your business (reservations, ecommerce, tracking etc) it’s about time you develop an app. If you think that your company can’t have an app, think twice.

Mobile Path to Purchase

Before making a purchase, consumers go through a mobile research process. So what is the starting point? In spite of the fact that Search Engine dominates with 48%, the number is still lower than the desktop Search Engine number of 90%.
33% of smartphone users start from researching branded websites and 26% open branded apps as their primary search tool.
Key Takeaway: Even though direct search leads to most of the purchases on mobile, the growing percentage of branded apps and branded sites shows the importance of these platforms in the marketing funnel.

If you still have doubts whether to include mobile strategy in your marketing plan…take a look around you and count all the people staring at their smartphones at the moment.
If you have an idea for an app or any questions about mobile marketing, contact our team of app developers and marketing professionals at Tractus.

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